Forest School

Forest School at Garras

Aiming to Enable, Enrich, and Inspire

Forest School offers an outdoor learning environment for School and Pre-School children.  By removing the constraints of a classroom setting, but retaining the conduct, thought and care practised there, the children are able to explore and guide their own learning; expanding their knowledge of the natural world, the woodland environment, and discovering the spiritual, historical, biological, and mythological significance of this diverse habitat.  Lesson plans are linked to the national curriculum and to the EYFS Framework and are designed/tailored to be compatible with the children’s areas of study/season/topics in the classroom.

The aims of Forest School are simple but extremely meaningful.

  • To access the curriculum in the outdoors through real, experiential learning opportunities.
  • To develop team spirit and co-operative working.
  • To listen to and communicate with others effectively.
  • To practise decision making and evaluation.
  • To investigate, question and wonder.
  • To learn from ‘Ooops!’ moments in a safe and structured way.
  • To take risks and evaluate routes to solutions.