Hawk Owls

Hawk Owls - Year 2 and 3

Mr James Sturges

Head of School & Year 2/3 teacher

Mrs Laura Woodhead

Year 2/3 Teacher (Mon/Tue)

Mrs Sandy Godwyn

Teaching Assistant & lunchtime supervisor

Mrs Sophie Anthony

Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime supervisor

Welcome to Hawk Owls!

In our Year 2 and 3 class, the children’s knowledge of the curriculum is grown through the promotion of independent and resilient learning. The love of learning is driven by the passion of both staff and pupils through rich dialogue and negotiated learning paths to support growing the individual.
The team comprises of; James Sturges (Teacher/Head of School), Laura Woodhead (Teacher) Sandy Godwyn (TA) and Sophie Anthony (TA), in addition to our incredible children!
Our main philosophy for our children is to grow the independent learner within them through nurturing their resilience and recognising their virtues.

There are many really useful websites that can support this learning and help your child continue to explore key concepts at home: